Fairchild Semiconductor

As a global provider of semiconductor solutions, Fairchild addresses important challenges by making household products and industrial technologies more energy efficient and enabling mobile devices with new and innovative features. With offices world-wide, the company’s success is based on understanding the differing needs of customers throughout the world. 

“It is our team’s responsibility to guarantee quality of service over our world-wide networks. We understand that networks in some geographical locations can be difficult so we thoroughly test the network in all our global locations using network emulators that mimic how the network behaves.  For example, latency can be an issue in some areas and network emulators allow us to have a good understanding of the areas that need special attention.  We use iTrinegy's INE network emulator often as a tool to help us continually guarantee application performance over our global networks."

Greg -Staff Network Engineer

Thomson Reuters

There is a phenomenal amount of data – around two-hundred and fifty thousand updates per second, so the testing of external network issues such as dropped packets, delays, bandwidth utilization and latency issues are being carried out at all times. INE Enterprise allows the applications to be fully tested, including worst case scenarios.

Our testers, developers and system engineers are actively improving our software through rigorous and extensive testing.  Being proactive is more important than being reactive.  By pushing applications and communications to the point of failure we can effectively guarantee the applications once they go live in the normal production environment.

INE Enterprise gives us the ability to set up consistent and controllable application test conditions, and through this there is an added advantage of being able to keep the costs down by increasing the testing of the applications without increasing the costs associated with using a real MPLS network."

David - Lead Systems Engineer


"What’s absolutely crucial for us is to understand how our network is being utilized. For our particular requirement, we needed to understand how fibre was being used. We needed to be absolutely clear if there were capacity issues and to understand the behaviour. The other advantage of the (AppQoS) appliance is that it doesn’t add to the burden of network traffic and can handle 10 Gbit Ethernet traffic. If we’re taking an aggregated view, we didn’t want to stress the network by broadcasting from these appliances as well."

Head of Architecture


We purchased iTrinegy’s (INE Enterprise) Emulator initially because we were planning on deploying Microsoft’s Active directory application across the WAN (Wide Area Network) – to our worldwide locations.  iTrinegy’s emulator really did what it had promised to do, we initially focused our testing within three core locations, testing to see how the application would perform in the real world.  Our experience of the emulator was really good and it helped us understand if/or any upgrades were going to be needed.  iTrinegy’s technical services department was also very useful, they were able to help us on any issues and they were fast with their responses to our questions.  I would have no hesitation in recommending the iTrinegy Network Emulator”.

Schlumberger Petrotechnical Computing Infrastructure


NCH Corporation

“When we started looking for tools that could illustrate the application and network performance on our network we gave several tools a test drive. After evaluating the products the Infrastructure team collectively agreed that iTrinegy’s AppQoS (then known as Portable Network Consultant) device met the requirements that we had initially outlined as prerequisites. The iTrinegy AppQoS software itself is simple to configure, with a browser based menu system that is incredibly easy to navigate and best of all it is portable allowing us to bring the tool to the problem.

Primarily, we have used the iTriengy AppQoS to establish the facts surrounding a slow application response time. iTriengy’s AppQoS clearly illustrated high latency associated with application stacks, rather than a latent network which were our initial concerns. In essence this meant we did not pay out for additional bandwidth which would not have solved our problem and focussed on correcting the application itself. Since then we have used AppQoS to monitor network traffic and baseline the application traffic levels throughout our data centre.  The cherry on the cake for us was the excellent levels of support that we received from iTrinegy, we received great technical assistance and as a whole found iTrinegy to be very helpful and committed to customer satisfaction.”

Mark -Information Technology Group


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