iTrinegy Upcoming Events

iTrinegy exhibits and presents at some of the major IT shows and conferences. Here is a list of forthcoming events where you can come and meet us. We look forward to seeing you.

17-18 May 2016


iTrinegy will be exhibiting and presenting at the forthcoming National Software Testing Conference at The British Museum, London. The adoption of DevOps and Agile has shortened and simplified the application development lifecycle. But with an increased focus on speed to market comes an even greater risk that the application will fall short against its objectives. This risk is further accentuated when the application relies - as most do these days—on distributed networks.

Please come and chat to us on our stand where we will show you how iTrinegy’s virtual test networks (network emulation) and network profiling technologies can provide you with the means to ensure effective Application Risk Management (AppRM) by enabling you to identify, qualify and mitigate potential failure and performance issues from development through to deployment - from design through to the launch of the application.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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