Network Application Monitors

Networked Application Performance Monitoring

When an application starts running slow in the network, you will be asking questions about the possible causes:

  • Is it the network?
  • Is it the server?
  • Is it competing applications?
  • Is someone downloading a large file?
  • Is it a recurring problem?
  • Do we have enough bandwidth?

iTrinegy's Application Response Time Monitoring technology can rapidly supply the answer to these questions and more.


Revolutionizing Network Application Performance Management


AppQoS is a revelation in delivering Application Performance Management (APM) and empowers enterprises, ISPs, MSPs and Cloud Providers to manage application performance over local, distributed and remote networks.

AppQoS is a passive solution that analyses the entire traffic of the monitored network segments delivering full-stream reassembly and application-level visibility with no host agents or network infrastructure overhead.

AppQoS delivers real-time, passive network session analysis for each and every network transaction providing invaluable application performance and health information over both local and remote (disparate) networks, making it a unique and compelling solution for distributed network environments.

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Web (HTTP) Monitoring

In Depth Analysis of All Types of Http Traffic - including Web and Social Networking

The AppQoS module for HTTP enables you to:

  • Monitor each ‘get’ request to track the times it took to download each page, graphic image, or other object
  • Enable the web site manager to figure out why something is going slow
  • Monitor all this over time – allowing trend analysis
  • Determine, if a user says they got a poor experience, why?
  • Optimize response times on certain important pages etc.
  • Optimize response times on certain important pages etc.

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Windows Networking Monitoring

In Depth Analysis of Windows File Access and Active Directory Logins

When a user accesses the Windows Network there are times when log-on is slow, performance is poor or it simply does not allow access at all. With AppQoS  diagnosing Microsoft network performance problems and exposing the issues that can affect performance, it makes it easy to ascertain what’s going on.

The AppQoS module for Windows captures:

  • Which servers were used to log on
  • The log on times
  • What files have been opened
  • How long it took to open the file
  • How many bytes were transferred
  • Who opened the file
  • How many times a particular file is requested
  • What the file type is i.e. .docs, .exe, .PDF, etc

The Tree Drill-Down navigation can quickly pin down background applications accessing file shares including products such as Google Picasa or Sophos.

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INE Profiler

Network Profiling & Scenario Generation for Use in Application Development &INE-Profiler-GUI-Monitor-thumb Testing 

INE Profiler is designed to be able to answer the question: “What are the characteristics of our  live network?”. This question usually arises when a customer of iTrinegy’s INE family (INE Ultra, INE Enterprise etc.) of network emulators, wants to test an application in realistic network conditions and needs to easily find out what those realistic conditions are from the live network.

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