Network Application Monitors

Networked Application Performance Measurement

When an application starts running slow in the network, you will be asking questions about the possible causes:

  • Is it the network?
  • Is it the server?
  • Is it competing applications?
  • Is someone downloading a large file?
  • Is it a recurring problem?
  • Do we have enough bandwidth?

iTrinegy's Application Response Time Measurement technology can rapidly supply the answer to these questions and more.

NE-ONE Profiler

NE ONE Profiler Appliance Shot small


A unique product offering two compelling and complementary network and application performance measurement capabilities in a single standalone solution:

  • Network Emulation
  • Network Profiling (NAPM)


  • Analysis on network traffic, utilization and application performance through an elegant widget based web GUI.
  • Affordable, yet comprehensive Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) and true Network Application Performance Measurement (NAPM)
  • The ability to generate Emulation Profiles which can be loaded by the NE-ONE EMULATOR to recreate your network environment for testing and diagnosis.


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Profiler Plus

Network Profiling & Long-Term Application Performance Measurement

Profiler Plus Screen on Monitor

Profiler Plus is sophisticated Network Performance and Networked Application Aware Measurement technology which delivers enterprise-wide NAPM.

Profiler Plus delivers affordable, yet  comprehensive Network Performance Measurement (NPM) and true Network Application Performance Measurement (NAPM).

As a user, there is no application and no network protocol knowledge required to gain invaluable insight into your network traffic profiles, application performance and the associated end-user experience.

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