Network Application Monitors

Networked Application Performance Measurement

When an application starts running slow in the network, you will be asking questions about the possible causes:

  • Is it the network?
  • Is it the server?
  • Is it competing applications?
  • Is someone downloading a large file?
  • Is it a recurring problem?
  • Do we have enough bandwidth?

iTrinegy's Application Response Time Measurement technology can rapidly supply the answer to these questions and more.

Profiler Plus

Network Profiling & Long-Term Application Performance Measurement

Profiler Plus Screen on Monitor

Profiler Plus is sophisticated Network Performance and Networked Application Aware Measurement technology which delivers enterprise-wide NAPM.

Profiler Plus delivers affordable, yet  comprehensive Network Performance Measurement (NPM) and true Network Application Performance Measurement (NAPM).

As a user, there is no application and no network protocol knowledge required to gain invaluable insight into your network traffic profiles, application performance and the associated end-user experience.

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NE-ONE Profiler

NE ONE Profiler Appliance Shot small


A unique product offering two compelling and complementary network and application performance measurement capabilities in a single standalone solution:

  • Network Emulation
  • Network Profiling (NAPM)


  • Analysis on network traffic, utilization and application performance through an elegant widget based web GUI.
  • Affordable, yet comprehensive Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) and true Network Application Performance Measurement (NAPM)
  • The ability to generate Emulation Profiles which can be loaded by the NE-ONE EMULATOR to recreate your network environment for testing and diagnosis.


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NE-ONE Flex Virtual Appliance Network Profiler

NE ONE Flex Box VMWare Ready

The NE-ONE Flex Network Profiler has been specifically designed for organizations operating in a virtual environment where installing and configuring any physical appliance is not an option. It operates as a virtual appliance (essentially an NFV version of NE-ONE Network Profiler), allowing full network profiling in a virtualized world

The NE-ONE Flex Virtual Network Profiler enables you to quickly understand who is using your network, what it is being used for and how long operations take.  Profiler's network analytics can also be used together with iTrinegy’s NE-ONE Flex Virtual Network Emulator allowing you to recreate test networks based on your real-world experiences in the virtual world.

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