Web (HTTP) Monitoring

In Depth Analysis of All Types of Http Traffic - including Web and Social Networking

The AppQoS module for HTTP enables you to:

  • Monitor each ‘get’ request to track the times it took to download each page, graphic image, or other object
  • Enable the web site manager to figure out why something is going slow
  • Monitor all this over time – allowing trend analysis
  • Determine, if a user says they got a poor experience, why?
  • Optimize response times on certain important pages etc.
  • Optimize response times on certain important pages etc.

Module Details

Standard Layer 3 (Address and ports) monitoring can only tell the “when” & “where” with regards network traffic. In contrast, all the AppQoS modules scan protocol signature - not port number.  In short, they determine the “when”, “where”, “what” (and “who“ in windows networking) of network traffic analysis  to provide a greater level of granularity.

All AppQoS modules are organised in host view and entity view at the top level. Entity is according to the purpose of the module. For Web (http) Monitoring the entities are web pages. Host view is further split into client, server views.

The HTTP Monitoring module displays:

  • Throughput view: No. of Packets/sec, No. of Packets/sec in Throughput view: bytes transferred in Source/Destination, Response time, many others
  • No. of Request/Response across time
  • No. of Websites visited across time
  • No. of TCP sessions opened in HTTP traffic
  • List of high details in each request: Request start, Originating/ Destination IP address, Path, Referrer, Request Size, Response Size, HTTP Status
  • Drill down view of all the components (css, js, html, jpg, png, gif, etc) of a webpage access - further down into each component access detail
  • Web pages access are further categorised into four different sorting field for easy inspection:
    • By time of access
    • By transfer size
    • By transfer time
    • By access counts
  • Special category graphs/tables:
    • Background traffic - eg Windows update
    • Social Networking - eg Facebook, Youtube