INE Enterprise

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iTrinegy Network Emulator-Enterprise (INE Enterprise) is an extremely cost-effective, feature-rich (Gigabit - 10Mbps/100Mbps/1000Mbps) network environment emulator that offers the best price-to-function performance available. It is available on a rack-mount chassis.


iTrinegy Network Emulator-Enterprise is the perfect tool for emulating the conditions likely to be encountered in a live application rollout, reducing the potential for costly failure & embarrassment.

INE Enterprise now incorporates our easy-to-use Network Drawing Interface that enables you to model the network set-ups you need to emulate.

The short video below shows how easy it is to replicate the required network environment (there is no sound associated with this video):

Emulated Networks

INE Enterprise can emulate the following types of networks:

and can emulate multiple such circuits simultaneously. It truly is a "Network in a box"

Bridging and Routing

INE Enterprise quickly plugs into your current network supporting:

  • Bridging Mode - allowing easy insertion of the INE Enterprise into an existing network
  • Routing Mode - where INE Enterprise will route between multiple (sub)networks

Combinations of bridging and routing simultaneously are supported for complete flexibility.

From Simple to Complex Test Networks

You can plug in any client workstation or server as well as switches and routers into the INE Enterprise's interfaces, allowing the emulator to form part of a simple or sophisticated test network as well as being able to be connected into your "live" network for the purpose of testing how one or more workstations/servers will behave if "relocated" from the LAN to a remote location or data center.

The example below shows INE Enterprise performing a sophisticated emulation with both WAN and WLAN circuits being emulated simultaneously.

Example Customer Uses of INE Enterprise

INE Enterprise has been used extensively in pre-consolidation, pre-virtualization testing of applications. Specific projects it has been deployed for include:

  • VoIP testing across various WANs
  • Planning for a new MPLS Cloud
  • Relocation of application end-users to India (business function outsourced)
  • Assessment of QoS and bandwidth limitations on applications
  • Assessment of network latency, loss and errors on application
  • Test application response in planned virtualised environment
  • Testing ship-to-shore application over satellite networks
  • Testing of on-line games
  • Testing of IP radio devices (military and civilian)

Full Integration with Load Generator Technology

As you would expect from such a High-End Emulator it will work seamlessly with Load Generators e.g. HP (Mercury) Loadrunner, Borland (Segue) Silk, Facilita Forecast etc. allowing a full scale multi user/multi site test to be quickly performed.

Other Network Emulator Products

iTrinegy now offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of network emulation products to help you simulate realistic network environments. Please visit our network emulator products overview page to see what other solutions are available.