INE Enterprise

A High Performance Multi-Port  (1Gbps) Network EmulatorINE Enterprise Screen with NC2015 Award overlay

The iTrinegy Network Emulator-Enterprise (INE Enterprise) is our award-winning next generation network emulator range that supports the most demanding requirements of organizations and governments needing to test with a real-world Emulation solution that meets all the configuration requirements of the most complex fully meshed high-performance networks.

INE Enterprise delivers the behaviour of any high speed production network within a controlled and repeatable test environment.

***NEW - A breakdown of the functionality and benefits of this high performance appliance, including multi-user, virtual ports and scenario sharing capabilities, is available here ***

New Unique Port Virtualization Makes Very Large Scale Application Testing in Networks Truly Affordable

The latest version of INE Enterprise now incorporates Port Virtualization which enables standard 2, 4, 6 or 8 Port models to support the testing of applications across many links (potentially 200+ links depending on bandwidth demands) without the need for additional physical ports.

This capability dramatically reduces the cost of conducting application performance tests in networks for set-ups such as mobile application deployment, online gaming, and the delivery of online content (e.g. video on demand, streaming media etc.) as well as emergency service and military networks and the emerging Internet of Things

To find out more, just take a look at our short video (8 mins) which also includes examples of how you could use these features to enhance your testing.


Powerful Intuitive Network Drawing

INE Enterprise has a simple, yet sophisticated and intuitive drag-and-drop multi-platform GUI, where users can configure and control the emulator through a rich pallet of objects such as buildings, people, computers, routers etc.

 This short video shows how easy it is to replicate the required network environment (there is no sound associated with this video).



 The INE Enterprise range comprises:

  • ENTERPRISE Model 2  - 2 x 1Gbps Emulation Ports & 10 Network Objects (Minimum)*
  • ENTERPRISE Model 4  - 4 x 1Gbps Emulation Ports & 20 Network Objects (Minimum)*
  • ENTERPRISE Model 6  - 6 x 1Gbps Emulation Ports & 30 Network Objects (Minimum)*
  • ENTERPRISE Model 8  - 8 x 1Gbps Emulation Ports & 40 Network Objects (Minimum)*
  • FLEX ENTERPRISE Model 2 Virtual Appliance

 *A Network Object is an element of the Emulation Topology that can contain impairment i.e. A Network Link

Models with a Higher number of Port Configurations are available on request

 Product Information

If you would like more information on INE-Enterprise please take a look at the INE Enterprise Product Sheet



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