INE Enterprise

1G Multi-PINE Enterprise GUI Monitor Shotort Network Emulator

iTrinegy Network Emulator-Enterprise (INE Enterprise) is an extremely cost-effective, feature-rich (Gigabit - 10Mbps/100Mbps/1000Mbps) network environment emulator that offers the best price-to-function performance available. It is available on a rack-mount chassis.

The INE Enterprise Network Emulator range supports the most demanding requirements of organizations and governments needing to test with a real-world Emulation solution that meets all the configuration requirements of the most complex fully meshed high-performance networks.


INE Enterprise comes as standard with our easy-to-use Network Drawing Interface that enables you to model the network set-ups you need to emulate.

This short video shows how easy it is to replicate the required network environment (there is no sound associated with this video).




Key Deliverables

  • A Full Network-in-a-Box - Replicates Meshed, Star-Coupled, Chained Hop,  MPLS & Point-to-Point Networks and any combination of the above.
  • Full Line Rate Capability - All INE Enterprise ports are full line rate bi-directional and all INE Enterprise models support full aggregated line rates applicable to the port configurations
  • Fully Benchmarked and Validated - INE Enterprise’s performance has been extensively tested and validated using industry-leading 3rd party benchmarking technology
  • Powerful VLAN and IP Address based Virtual Port Capability - Turns a single physical port into multiple virtual ports which enable creation of very large networks
  • Fully Scriptable - INE Enterprise is scriptable via its own GUI or a command line from Windows, Linux, Mac, FreeBSD etc., or a sockets-based API from any platform
  • A Rich Array of Impairments - INE Enterprise can deliver a wide range of different latency, bandwidth, packet loss and bit error impairments, including   1-in-X, Burst, Random, Gaussian and Poisson distribution patterns to enhance the realism of your test network
  • Scalable Future-Proof Architecture - INE Enterprise’s underlying architecture is capable of replicating all current and foreseeable networks.
  • Understand the impact of planned IT changes - Know the effect of deployments or migrations before committing budget and resource
  • An Enhanced Testing Environment - INE Enterprise can utilize emulator scenario files generated by our  iTrinegy Network Profiling Products which capture the characteristics of your existing network
  • Save Money - Avoid the need for costly post-deployment application re-engineering or fixes.

The INE Enterprise range comprises:

  • ENTERPRISE Model 2  - 2 x 1Gbps Emulation Ports & 10 Network Objects (Minimum)*
  • ENTERPRISE Model 4  - 4 x 1Gbps Emulation Ports & 20 Network Objects (Minimum)*
  • ENTERPRISE Model 6  - 6 x 1Gbps Emulation Ports & 30 Network Objects (Minimum)*
  • ENTERPRISE Model 8  - 8 x 1Gbps Emulation Ports & 40 Network Objects (Minimum)*

Models with a Higher number of Port Configurations are available on request

*A Network Object is an element of the Emulation Topology that can contain impairment i.e. A Network Link

1U Full Depth Hardware Appliance

 Product Information & Technical Specifications

If you would like more information on INE-Enterprise please take a look at the INE Enterprise Product Sheet and the INE Enterprise Specification Guide