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iTrinegy Network Emulator for Windows (INE for Windows) is a low cost, simple-to-use personal (1-Port) network emulator designed to install onto the Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 platform and allow some or all of the applications running on that Windows system to “experience” realistic network conditions when accessing the network, rather than the near perfect LAN they’re connected to.

INE for Windows enables you to develop, as well as test, software as though you were in the software’s target network and getting it right, from the start, will save fixing and re-writing agony later.

iTrinegy Network Emulator for Windows (INE for Windows) is aimed at the Professional Developer, Tester or IT Specialist looking for a low cost, simple to use Network Emulator for testing how their application(s) perform between individual workstations and servers.

INE for Windows allows you to control all the major network parameters that affect application behaviour in networks:

  • Link Speed - e.g. T1, E1, Modem, (A)DSL, GPRS, 3G
  • Available Bandwidth - how much of the link the application can use
  • Delay (Latency) - how long the network packets take to reach their destination e.g. inter city, nationally, internationally, over wireless like GPRS, 3G, WiMAX
  • Jitter - how much variation there is in the delay which can have a profound effect on VoIP, and live Video over IP etc
  • Loss - how much data is lost by the network e.g. in wireless networks and some types of WAN data losses may be high (10% or even more)


Symmetry & Asymmetry

All of the above parameters are controllable asymmetrically as well as symmetrically i.e. you can have separate values for data leaving the Windows system compared to data arriving at the Windows system.

How Does INE for Windows Work?

INE for Windows runs on your system, and when activated, intercepts network communications between the chosen application on your system and the network.

This allows your LAN network to behave like a Wide Area Network, Wireless, GPRS, 3G, Satellite, or other non-LAN network with very different parameters. So now when you run your chosen application it’s just like running it in the target network environment.

Exceptions can be specified to allow network traffic to and from some systems and for some applications to bypass the network emulation controls completely, for example email.

Looking for a 2-Port inline Network Emulator?

If you require a 2-port emulator please take a look at our new NE-ONE product which offers superior link speeds, a choice of 5, 10 or 20 concurrent emulated links -depending on the model you choose, and that all important “Last Hop” link which more reastically reflects real world network environments.

Other Network Emulator Products

iTrinegy now offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of network emulation products to help you simulate realistic network environments. Please visit our network emulator products overview page to see what other solutions are available.