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iTrinegy Network Emulator – LCD (INE-LCD) is a revolution in portable network emulation and network application testing on-the-go and is ideal for IT purchasers, sales and pre-sales field-based specialists wishing to show how an application or device will work in a realistic WAN, Wireless, Satellite network etc.

At only 8ins x 9ins x 2ins (200mm x 240mm x 50mm), its small size makes it easy to transport and use in the field.

It is also suited to the Professional Developer, Tester or IT Specialist looking for a cost effective, simple to use Network Emulator for testing how their application(s) perform in networked production environments.

INE LCD-small

Just Push the Buttons

INE-LCD eliminates the need for a keyboard, monitor and mouse as all its settings are simply made and saved via a front LCD screen with “car radio style” push buttons to choose pre-defined or programmable conditions needed to test any application in a realistic replication of the WAN/LAN.

Parameters that can be set using the push buttons include the manual setting of bandwidth, loss, and delay as well as selecting predefined network scenarios, it is also possible to view throughput (packets/sec, bits/sec) on the front LCD panel as well as set IP addresses or DHCP.

Its ease-of-use and pre-loadable test scenarios means you can be conducting realistic WAN application function and performance testing in minutes and that you don’t need to be a network specialist in order to make it work.

What Network Characteristics can be controlled?

INE - LCD allows you to control all the major network parameters that affect application behaviour in networks:

  • Bandwidth/Link Speed: e.g. T1, E1, Modem, (A)DSL, GPRS, 3G, Satellite etc., down to as low as 1bps.
  • Delay (Latency): How long the network packets take to reach their destination e.g. inter city, nationally, internationally or over wireless networks like GPRS, 3G or WiMAX.
  • Jitter: How much variation there is in the delay, which can have a profound effect on applications like VoIP, and live Video over IP etc.
  • Loss: How much data is lost by the network, for example in wireless networks and some types of WAN data, losses may be as high as 10% or even more.

All of the above parameters are controllable asymmetrically as well as symmetrically i.e. you can have separate values for data leaving the target system or device compared to data arriving at the same system or device helping to make the test conditions as realistic as possible.

Pre-loaded Network Scenarios

While it is simple to create network environments “on the fly”, INE-LCD can also be loaded with predefined network test scenarios. So whether you wish to replicate international satellite links or connections to mobile devices, all you need to do is select the desired scenario from the LCD panel and press OK to start running your test.

Set-Up is Simplicity Itself

INE-LCD is extremely easy to use: Just plug it inline between systems (computers/devices) you want to simulate a WAN between, create your required network characteristics or choose your WAN scenario (see above) from the LCD panel and press OK to begin the test process.

Real-Time Adjustments

INE-LCD enables you to make adjustments to the network parameters in the middle of a running emulation so there is no need to stop the test and reset the required condition. This makes it the ideal wan emulator for conducting live “show me how” tests of network and application acceleration technologies.

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