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INE Nimbus is a small form factor (book-size) appliance which can be used to replicate the network conditions applications are likely to encounter when running over networks from Windows, Unix or Linux based systems or online games consoles. It can work through switches or routers too – in fact any Ethernet based environment.

Network Characteristics that can be controlled

INE Nimbus allows you to control all the major network parameters that affect application behaviour in networks:

  • Link Speed: e.g. T1, E1, Modem, (A)DSL, GPRS, 3G, Satellite etc.
  • Available Bandwidth: How much of the link the application can use.
  • Delay (Latency): How long the network packets take to reach their destination e.g. inter city, nationally, internationally or over wireless networks like Satellite, GPRS, 3G or WiMAX.
  • Jitter: How much variation there is in the delay, which can have a profound effect on applications like VoIP, and live Video over IP etc.
  • Loss: How much data is lost by the network, for example in wireless networks and some types of WAN data, losses may be as high as 10% or even more.

All of the above parameters are controllable asymmetrically as well as symmetrically i.e. you can have separate uplink and downlink values for data going across the simulated network.

Easy to use

INE Nimbus has been designed with speed and ease of use in mind. Using the web-based user interface it is only takes a few minutes to set up a wide range of network environments in which to test application performance.

Repeatable Network Scenarios

INE-Nimbus comes preloaded with a variety of network test scenarios that can be used to test application performance. You can also store your own unique network settings for subsequent reuse.

Other Network Emulator Products

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