INE Ultra

10G (40 Gbps aggregate capacity) Multi-Path Network SimulationINE-Ultra-Mapping-GUI-in-Monitor-thumb


iTrinegy Network Emulator-Ultra (INE Ultra ) is our award-winning Next Generation network emulator that replicates high speed, high volume networks for large scale testing. INE Ultra is supplied on a rack-mount chassis.


INE Ultra can handle upwards of 1.4 million packets per second and in excess of 100,000 individual streams or unique end points (e.g. users or network devices) per emulation, with performance of up to 10 gigabits per second. This makes it ideal for the testing of converged networks carrying data, VoIP and Video streams.

New Network Creation GUI

INE Ultra has a new simple, yet sophisticated drag-and-drop multi-platform GUI, where users can configure and control the emulator through a rich pallet of objects such as buildings, people, computers, routers etc which will build the scenario needed with the added ability to connect these objects by lines representing the network paths.

The short video below shows how easy it is to replicate the required network (there is no sound associated with this video):


INE Ultra’s new rule system can automatically control network conditions for multiple and/or individual IP streams, TCP/UDP ports or network interfaces, without laborious manual setup. This new approach eliminates the need to manually create specific rules for each stream, typically encountered with other network emulator products and which does not lend itself to large scale testing.

INE Ultra Features include:

  • Sophisticated, but easy to use drag-and-drop GUI for quick network set-up
  • Sophisticated multi-platform command line (useful for automated testing)
  • Every user /device and/or application can have an individual network experience
  • Sophisticated Internal Routing provides support for many different forms of QoS/MPLS networks
  • Control of link speed, bandwidth, delay (latency), jitter, errors and loss by class
  • Real time adjustment of network parameters during a running emulation to give a more realistic test environment

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