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iTrinegy Explainer Video: Network Specialist

NE-ONE Network Scenario Builder

NE-ONE Desktop Network Emulator

An updated 3 min video showing how easy it is to use the NE-ONE V3 Network Emulator to recreate realistic real-world test networks


Why Testing in Real World Networks is Critical

At the recent Tricentis Accelerate 2016, iTrinegy's Frank Puranik


Why iTrinegy makes bad networks

A very short video explaining the reasons why iTrinegy creates "bad" networks.

Virtual Test Networks for Software Developers and Testers

A short explainer video showing how software developers and testers in a DevOps environment can test application performance and the user experience prior to release using iTrinegy Virtual Test Networks.

Virtual Test Networks for Games Developers

A short explainer video showing how games developers can test game performance and the player experience prior to release by using iTrinegy Virtual Test Networks (network emuators)

INE Network Drawing


This short video shows how easy it is to replicate the required network (there is no sound associated with this video)

Port Virtualization and Multi-Tenancy Capability

iTrinegy's new port virtualization capability dramatically cuts the cost of large scale testing in networks while multi-tenancy allows several teams to run and adjust the conditions of their emulared networks simultanously and independently of each other.

NE-ONE Desktop Network Emulator

This short video shows the ease with which you can set up a network emulation using NE-ONE Emulator

 NE-ONE Flex Network Emulator Product Walk-Through Video

This recording (41 mins) explains how to install and deploy NE-ONE Flex Emulator in your VMware environment


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